Diabetes iPhone app (GoMeals)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The GoMeals iPhone app is to help patients who have diabetes find nutrition information. This application is powered by CalorieKing and was developed by Sanofi-Aventis. Even though this app was developed by a pharma company, the app isn't about drugs. It's about the dietary management of diabetes.

This app has some pretty interesting features such as:
  • Today's Plate
  • Foods
  • Food Log
  • Restaurant Locator
To learn more about GoMeals, visit: http://www.gomeals.com or you can find it on iTunes.


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Smart Lipo said...

What a product. I never seen this kinda invented before. It's about the dietary management of diabetes.

6:52 AM

I looked at the features and it is quite a nice app. Shows vital nutritional info for over 40,000 foods and you can record your meals as well. It would not only be helpful for diabetics but for anyone who has to watch what they eat.

5:19 PM

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