Monday, June 09, 2008

Excited about the 3G iPhone

I don't plan to buy an iPhone (yet). I'm a loyal Verizon Wireless customer. Besides, I need actual keyboard buttons since I do so much typing on my phone.

The main reasons why I'm so excited include the following:

1. The 3G iPhone sets a new standard for mobile devices. Although many devices have been using an internal GPS to allow navigation, when a company like Apple does it on the iPhone, such publicity makes this the new 'standard.' So, hopefully all future smartphones and mobile devices will have internal GPS chips to allow them to act like fully functional navigators.

2. Style. Apple wins when it comes to style. Forget about functionalty. Who cares if you can't replace the battery? If style matters to you, then go for the iPhone. Personally, I need to replace my battery without a screwdriver.

3. Integration of functionality. The iPhone combines several devices into one: GPS, MP3, mobile internet, PDA, phone, etc.

Have you recently taken a look at the A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator for the iPhone?

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