Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Epocrates Rx Pro now available for the BlackBerry

Epocrates Rx Pro is now available for the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Storm looks like an amazing device. Does this mean that all future BlackBerry devices will be developed to have a touch screen interface?

In my opinion, it is vital to have a touch screen so that you can easily navigate and click around. That's why I've been such a big fan of touch screen devices. I started with the Apple Newton, then migrated to Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile. Now, I'm a dedicated Windows Mobile user and I love my device. I've stayed away from BlackBerry because of the lack of a touch screen, but I wonder if my next device will be a BlackBerry or a Windows Mobile device. Hopefully I won't have to replace my XV6800 anytime soon.

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