Sunday, February 22, 2009

The HTC Touch Pro2

Wow, the HTC Touch Pro2 really looks like a nice device. It will have a 3.6" touch screen (which is almost an inch longer than my current HTC Titan or XV6800 that has a 2.8" screen). Plus, it will feature the tilting keyboard that slides out. Personally, I think this is a great feature because you can set your device on a table and still see what's on the display.

With much more internal RAM and a fast processor, it should run Windows Mobile 6.5 without any problems. Maybe it will even get the upgrade for Windows Mobile 7 when it becomes available (or maybe that's just wishful thinking). Well, I'm happy with my XV6800 for now, so I don't plan to make any changes.

Actually, if (or when) I upgrade to a new smartphone, I probably won't go with a slider anymore. I'll probably get a candybar style device or maybe a thin touch screen device that doesn't have a hardware keyboard. I like to use my phone with one hand and I find that the slider just isn't good for that.

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