Monday, February 23, 2009

Improving Mobile Security and Patient Information

Modern mobile devices are set up so that data can be erased remotely if the device gets stolen. This level of security can help reduce problems related to personal identification and information theft. Imagine losing your UMPC, tablet, netbook, or laptop that contains ultra-sensitive patient information. Would you have the capability of erasing that device after you lose it?

Now, many devices come equipped with the capability to wipe the hard drive if the device gets stolen. This is also true for mobile devices. There are circulating stories of a prototype Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that was stolen last week. The reports state that the data has been erased on this mobile device. I don't think most thieves are thinking that someone is remotely trying to access the device to wipe it clean. Now if we can build a self-destruct mechanism, I think we'd be all set and laptop theft would decrease tremendously.

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