Saturday, March 07, 2009

10 Years Ago - The Palm V Was Great

Wow, I was just reminded that the Palm V was a really popular PDA 10 years ago. The Gadgeteer has a great review of this now-ancient PDA. I still have a Palm V in my office. It's a relic - a literal antique. Isn't it amazing how quickly technology changes? Wow, 10 years have gone by very quickly.

I should build a mini museum of all the different gadgets I've owned. It goes way back to the Sharp Wizard/ Zaurus, then the Apple Newton Messagepad series, then the Palm Pilot, and then you have grayscale Windows CE devices, then they changed the name to Pocket PC and the iPaq was the device to have, then smartphones emerged and became very popular so I got the Windows Mobile Treo 700wx, and now here I am with a Windows Mobile (Microsoft changed the name again) XV6800, an OQO model 02, and a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC.

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