Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Opera Mini on Windows Mobile

I've been using the Opera Mini browser on my Windows Mobile XV6800 (aka HTC Titan). It's a very fast browser that requires Java Virtual Machine (VM) on my device. Compared to browsers like Skyfire and Iris, it's much faster. However, it seems to be freezing up occasionally and causing my device to crash. Now, is that because the browser is unstable or because the operating system on my phone is unstable? (after all, I've loaded a custom ROM on my device, so it hasn't been fully tested)

Compared to Safari on the iPhone, Opera Mini is not nearly as easy to use. However, it may be the closest thing out there for Windows Mobile until Windows Mobile 6.5 or 7 are offically released. My hardware can't fully support these newer operating systems, so I'll probably be stuck with Windows Mobile 6.1.

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