Monday, April 06, 2009

Old iPod Chargers and new iPods

So I have several older iPods and a few new ones (yes, I admit that I'm a gadget freak, but most of these were not purchased). I've had the opportunity to win some iPods through drawings, Sermo, and a few others sources. I love iPods because they are great travel companions. However, I've recently noticed that my older iPod chargers don't charge my new iPod nano (4th generation) and iPod touch (2nd generation). If you have no idea what models I'm referring to, then take a look at this Apple Support page on different iPod generation models.

So I'm very disappointed that my Firewire charger, my Kensington Universal Charger (tip J3), and several other old iPod chargers do not work on my newer iPods. What's going on Apple?

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