Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HTC Touch Diamond2 or Touch Pro2?

HTC makes some great phones for Verizon Wireless. My HTC Titan (branded as an XV6800) is getting old but I'm still using it every day and it works fine. Now, you can get either the Touch Diamond or the Touch Pro. The Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro2 are coming soon. Which one should you get if you're in the market for a new smartphone? Maybe you're a medical student and you're getting ready for your clinical clerkships. Maybe you're a recent graduate and you're getting ready for internship.

If you want something small and light (like an Apple iPhone) and you don't need a hardware keyboard, then the Touch Diamond is a great Windows Mobile phone. This phone has been around for a while but it only recently showed up on Verizon. Who knows when the updated Touch Diamond2 will appear. Let's hope it shows up soon after the BlackBerry Storm 2 appears.

If you prefer a slider that has physical keyboard buttons, then wait for the Touch Pro2. If you can't wait, then the Touch Pro is not a bad phone, but I think the Touch Pro2 will be significantly better.

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