Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doylestown hospital and the Apple iPhone

There's a really nice little clip on the Apple iPhone Enterprise site about how physicians in the Doylestown hospital are using the Apple iPhone for clinical applications. There are multiple screenshots of the iPhone that include hospital data, Epocrates, health alerts, references, and more.

Here's a snippet: "Doylestown Hospital relies on a mobile workforce of 360 independent physicians to provide a highly responsive healing environment for thousands of patients. Those physicians stay connected 24/7 to colleagues and hospital staff with their first responder: Apple iPhone 3G. With iPhone, doctors get access to patients’ vital stats, medical reference applications, and breaking health alerts to provide collaborative and efficient patient care..."

Snapshot of Doylestown Hospital

  • Founded (1923), owned and operated by the Village Improvement Association, Doylestown, PA
  • 2000 employees, 360 physicians in 42 specialties
  • 500 acute and long-term care beds in three locations
  • 14,000 patient admissions and 45,000 ER treatments annually
  • 2009 Cardiac Specialty Excellence Award Recipient
Want to view the video? Click here to go to the Apple site.

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