Friday, June 26, 2009

LifeWatch and Verizon Wireless

LifeWatch and Verizon Wireless have joined hands to help cardiac patients. LifeWatch will provide remote monitoring service for cardiac patients through LifeStar ACT (Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry) and Verizon will offer the wireless services.

"LifeStar ACT (Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry) is an automatically activated system that requires no patient intervention to either capture or transmit an arrhythmia when it occurs. Upon arrhythmia detection, the system automatically utilizes the integrated Cellular Phone Monitor to transmit the ECG waveform to LifeWatch, where the ECG is analyzed. The patient’s physician is notified of the arrhythmia based on pre-determined notification criteria prescribed by the patient’s physician. LifeStar ACT provides critical ECG information by capturing the onset and termination/escape of an arrhythmia to assist in correctly identifying and treating the patient. Patients are monitored for up to 30 days and all the data is available at the request of the physician during the service period and for 7 days following the end of service."

Speaking of strategic partnerships, Sprint Nextel and GE Healthcare won a multi-million dollar contract in April to provide converged wireless networks, services, software and infrastructure for six Texas hospitals.

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