Saturday, June 20, 2009

Palm WebOS updated to 1.03

If you're a lucky Palm Pre owner, have you upgraded your WebOS to version 1.03 yet? Sounds like this upgrade fixes some basic functionality in the calendar, clock, contacts, e-mail, and more. Hopefully you won't experience this:
  1. If an update fails to install properly
    • In the rare event that an update fails, your phone restarts and attempts to reinstall the update up to three times. If your phone still fails to install the update, a message with information on what to do next is displayed on the screen for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your phone turns off.
There's nothing about these updates turning your phone into a brick. The phrase "brick" is often used to denote a dead phone that won't even power on because of a serious system failure that makes the phone essentially inoperable. People often use the phrase "brick" incorrectly when their phone powers on but gets stuck on a strange boot screen. Technically, your phone isn't a brick unless it doesn't power on at all. After all, you can't turn on a brick, can you?

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