Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smartphone Wars

I'm a big fan of Star Wars, so I love titles that sound similar. CNN has a story titled, "New iPhone 3GS heats up smartphone wars."Are we really going to see a war? I doubt it. The article starts with this line: "When Apple starts selling what it bills as the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet on Friday, the company's latest entry will only heat up the already sizzling smartphone landscape."

I agree that many new and exciting smartphones are coming out this summer. How will they compete against the Apple iPhone? Will we ever really see a device that comes out as an "iPhone Killer?"

Here's another snippet from the CNN story: "When it comes to mobile Web surfing, the iPhone seems to be the king. A recent report by AdMob found Apple's device generated 65 percent of mobile HTML browsing..."

So perhaps the area that will determine who "wins" this war is simple: mobile browsing. If websites no longer need to format their sites for small screens and if smartphones can efficiently be used to navigate standard web pages, then those phones will emerge as "winners."

1 comment:

  1. Apple will not win the war if you define it in terms of being an open system that can host any medical application. It will not support USB ultrasound probes, for example, that Windows Mobile will. It will take a significant redesign of the probes to work with an iPhone and will not be there soon.