Saturday, July 11, 2009

Epocrates on the Apple iPhone

You've probably already seen this video (if you haven't, you're probably already using Epocrates on your iPhone, so you don't need to watch this video). For those who want to see Epocrates on the Apple iPhone, take a look at this clip:


  1. Can I do the same things with Epocrates on the blackberry storm? This is the smart phone that i have.

    Dr. Linda Lee

  2. The Epocrates application is now available for the BlackBerry Storm. You can also access Epocrates Online via a mobile web browser on any smartphone (including the Storm).

  3. Any other medical apps that you think are useful on the blackberry storm? That I can download?
    I find it difficult to find medical apps ( free) for the Storm. Everything seems to be geared toward the Iphone. I didn't choose to get the I-phone because I didn't want to switch my whole family to AT and T.

  4. What other medical apps can be downloaded on a Blackberry Storm? I have a hard time finding these free apps. Everything seems to be geared toward the I-phone.