Sunday, July 05, 2009

Search engine keywords for

Occasionally, I'll list the keywords that drive the most traffic to this site via search engines. This goes into the whole science of search engine optimization (SEO). My site isn't very optimized because I blog about so many different things. Curious about the list? Here it is:
  1. verizon tethering
  2. palm pre medical applications
  3. palm pre medical
  4. palm pre
  5. best smartphone for physicians
  6. palm pre keyboard
  7. is the iphone coming to verizon
  8. ipod touch upgrade
  9. best phone for medical students
  10. medical smartphones
Surprised by the list? What happens if you type some of these terms into Google? Over the last 30 days (mainly the month of June), search engine traffic represented over 42% of my site traffic. Compared to the 30 days prior to that (the month of May), that's a 62% increase!

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