Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smartphone Operating Systems

I've been thinking about current smartphone operating systems (OS). Do you know which ones run on handsets made by different manufacturers? Which ones are tied to handsets offered by the OS developer?

OS on phones made by different manufacturers:
  • Windows Mobile
  • Google Android
  • Symbian S60 (who in the medical profession uses this?)
OS on phones offered by the OS developer:
  • iPhone (Apple)
  • BlackBerry (RIM)
  • webOS (Palm)
Now, here's a bit of interesting trivia:
  • Android and webOS are based on Linux
  • iPhone is based on NetBSD
  • BlackBerry and Android are based on Java
So will a single OS predominate within the healthcare field? When you look at the exclusivity arrangements that each mobile carrier currently has, it's difficult to predict the future. However, let's assume for a moment that most mobile carriers will have a wider selection of phones running all the major smartphone operating systems. Then, we're on an even playing field. Which OS will win? Will it depend on mobile carrier exclusivity rights?

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