Thursday, August 06, 2009

Creative Zii Egg: Handheld StemCell Computer

What is the Creative Zii Egg? It looks like an Apple iPhone, but it's not a phone. It's advertised as the "World's 1st Handheld StemCell Computer." It will include the Opera mobile web browser, but it's more than a mobile internet device (MID). It has cameras on both sides (HD and VGA). It's the first device running Plaszma OS and it's branded as "Google Android ready."

I'm not entirely sure what StemCell computing means, but it sure sounds interesting:
  • Super-charged Android using StemCell Computing Technology
Here's a small blurb about StemCell computing from
Introducing the ZMS-05 media-rich processor, this nano-sized chip that marks a brand new era in technology: StemCell Computing. A complete solution, the ZMS-05 chip offers incredible flexibility, excellent energy efficiency and maximal scalability. Discover the incredible benefits of nano-sized supercomputing and how it can transform your everyday life.
The Zii Egg will have Wi-Fi and an internal GPS, so at the end of the day, maybe this provides us with a glimpse of the next iPod touch. As more of these handheld evolve into GPS navigation systems, I often wonder what will happen to the standalone car navigation systems made by TomTom, Garmin, Magellan, and others.

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