Friday, August 14, 2009

Flashing a custom ROM on my HTC Touch Pro

Yes, I'm now flashing a custom Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM on my Verizon Wireless HTC Touch Pro. I've done quite a bit ROM flashing in my life. First, it began with the XV6800 (aka, HTC Titan, Sprint Mogul). Then, I recently did some ROM flashing on the XV6900 (aka, HTC Vogue, Touch). Now, I'm flashing the ROM on my new HTC Touch Pro (aka, HTC Raphael).

Why all this custom ROM flashing? I originally did it to get the GPS working on my old XV6800. Now, I'm doing it to get the latest operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5

The GPS is already unlocked on the Touch Pro (thanks to an update provided by Verizon Wireless). I wish they would unlock the GPS on all their old phones too, but they're not doing that.


  1. I have the HTC Touch Pro and the GPS is working with there navigator but does not work for like Google maps etc. I have seen the ROM hack to unlock it, but have not done. Is there a update I can get from Verizon to fix this rather than a random ROM hack?

  2. Scott, the latest update from Verizon is supposed to unlock the GPS so that you can use it on other applications like Google maps. I would try that.