Saturday, August 08, 2009

Verizon XV6975 (HTC Whitestone)

Will the Verizon Wireless XV6975 (HTC Whitestone) appear next month? Verizon has already slashed the prices on most of its Windows Mobile smartphones, so new smartphones must be right around the corner.

According to the folks over at Brighthand:
The Whitestone will be the successor to the HTC Touch HD, and will have much in common with its predecessor, including a WVGA screen, mobile broadband, and a tablet design. Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 256 MB of RAM, 528 MHz processor, 5 MPx camera, and GPS. It will have a focus on multimedia, and include a small stand so it can hold itself upright when playing movies.
I imagine that it will also qualify for a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade once that operating system gets released by Microsoft. I think this smartphone will be a great option for healthcare professionals who are looking for a fast, slim tablet (candybar) that lacks a built-in hardware keyboard. If you like the iPhone design and want to run Windows Mobile, this may be the phone for you! Image source: Brighthand

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