Friday, September 25, 2009

Easily switching phones on Verizon with *228 option 3

I was driving to work the other day and I realized that I left my smartphone (an HTC Touch Pro2) at home. I used to live 3 minutes away, but now that I've recently moved, I now live about 8 minutes away. Well, no worries. I had an old phone in my car (that I now use as a standalone GPS unit) so I pulled out my old XV6900 (AKA, HTC Vogue or Touch) and hit *228 option 3. Within a minute, I was up and running on my old smartphone. I saved myself a trip back home and I was still able to make all my calls using my old smartphone.

It's become so much easier to switch phones on Verizon thanks to *228 option 3. It's not as easy as pulling out a SIM card and moving it to another phone, but the *228 option 3 is very convenient. I no longer need to call customer service or switch ESNs through the internet.

If you use like switching phones for different occasions, remember *228 option 3. It's a free call (no airtime charges) and it's very easy to switch phones using this method. So, you can carry a small and light phone when you go out for a run, and then easily switch back to your business smartphone when you go to the office. It's great!

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