Tuesday, September 01, 2009

iPhone: global trends and the U.S.

The Apple iPhone is currently only available through AT&T as a GSM phone in the U.S. Verizon Wireless is currently the largest wireless provider in this country, but it operates on a CDMA network. Although Verizon has a few select "world phones" that are capable of both CDMA and GSM, the majority of their devices operate on CDMA.

On CNET, there's a fascinating story titled, "Is AT&T losing its grip on the iPhone?" The same story is also republished on CNN.

I find the global trends the most interesting part of this story. Will China sell 3 million iPhones next year in China if they offer the iPhone on multiple networks? What about in other countries? If Apple is moving away from exclusivity arrangements with wireless providers, then it's only a matter of time before the iPhone becomes available on other carriers here in the U.S. The big question is: what kind of time frame are we looking at? We've heard many rumors about the iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless. If the iPhone becomes readily available, will it dominate the medical smartphone market? I think it will.


  1. It is great that iPhone will be on Verizon and more available but it still does not make it the best phone for healthcare or business. Apple has to many restriction that keep it nothing more than a app phone. Android which will soon also be available on Verizon has a much more powerful OS that allow developers to build enterprise systems. Apple may open up more of their "walled garden" but I would not hold your breath.

    Jeff Brandt motionPHR for the iPhone
    and MyMedBox for Android

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    AT&T gives me better service than any other provider short of T-Mobile in this area, and T-Mobile has their own issues, also. I think you are starting to see that 'walled garden' open up somewhat, as there are apps being approved that you wouldn't think would be.

    Maybe that's the FCC scrutiny, maybe Jobs has finally come around. As far as it's usability, I suppose it all depends what you are using it with. If you are like me and you rely on a Macbook with iCal and Entourage, as well as Mobile Me. It works quite well, and the apps I do have do what I want it to do.