Monday, September 28, 2009

Palm webOS 1.2 update now available

Palm has released another update for its operating system: webOS on the Palm Pre. With version 1.2, you'll get:
  • App purchases through the catalog of apps
  • e-mail search
  • copy/paste within the web browswer
  • MP3 purchases on Amazon via the phone network
  • New gesture to open the application or connection menu
  • Bluetooth fixes
  • Calendar enhancements
  • Contacts enhancements (including LinkedIn)
  • and many other fixes and improvements
It's great to see how Palm is able to quickly provide updates to its webOS. I wonder what types of enhancements we will see when webOS reaches version 2.0. Early adopters will get to reminisce about the archaic days of version 1. To see the entire list of fixes found with 1.2.0, click here.

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