Friday, September 11, 2009

Reduced prices on the Apple iPods

Since Apple just came out with a new line of iPods, you can get some pretty good deals on the older generation (they weren't old last week, but now they're old) iPods. I've gone through several iPods myself and I don't feel the urge to upgrade any of my current iPods, so I won't be making any purchases. However, if you want to get a relatively inexpensive gift for someone, now may be the time to make that purchase while they're available.

Members of my household (yes, we have kids) currently own the following iPod models:
  • iPod (Click Wheel) - also referred to as the fourth generation iPod. This was our first iPod and was purchased in 2004.
  • iPod mini (2nd generation) - released in 2005
  • iPod nano (1st generation) - released in 2005
  • iPod nano (4th generation) - released in 2008
  • iPod touch (2nd generation) - released in 2008
I used to have an iPod nano (3rd generation), but we gave that away. Don't know which model you own? Take a look at this link to "Identify iPod models"

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