Thursday, October 15, 2009

BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) coming very soon

Are you excited about the BlackBerry Storm2 (9550)? It's launching soon and you can catch a preview by reading the review published by PC Magazine (click here for the full review).

I really hope the new BlackBerry Storm2 has more internal RAM storage. The original BlackBerry Storm confused many people because it was advertised as having 1 GB of internal storage space. That's fine if you want to store files, but it only had 128 MB of RAM for applications. That simply doesn't make sense for anyone who wishes to load medical apps on a smartphone.

So, how much RAM (for applications, not for storage) will the new BlackBerry Storm2 have? I haven't found this information yet because everyone seems to focus on the 2 GB of internal storage. Does this mean you now have 2 GB of RAM for apps? I really like the Storm, but I wish it had more RAM for apps.

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