Sunday, October 18, 2009

How long have you had your smartphone?

Have you noticed that physicians and other health care professionals seem to be upgrading to new smartphones every year or two? As the price for the average smartphone continues to drop, it's not surprising to see more physicians upgrading to newer models.

My wife (who is a family physician) still uses a relatively old smartphone. A few years ago, we both had the same smartphone: a Palm Treo 700wx (remember those?)

Now, she uses a Samsung and I use an HTC. I've had a few different HTC smartphones and I find them to have some of the best features, but I also think that Samsung makes some really nice phones. I like the fact that all my HTC smartphones have used a mini USB connector. I'm a bit surprised to see that they haven't adopted the micro USB connector yet, but I'm not complaining because I can still use all my old chargers.

So how long have you had your smartphone? Do you even remember your first smartphone? Planning on upgrading this fall? Maybe you'll get a new phone for the holidays. Or, perhaps you'll make a New Year's resolution to use a new smartphone? (did I just talk about New Year's Day?)

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