Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The HTC HD2 has a huge multi-touch screen!

The HTC HD2 will be the first Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone that has a multi-touch screen. On this smartphones, you'll get to use multi-touch gestures and the HTC Sense user interface that was first seen on the Android-based HTC Hero. The HD2 also has the largest screen of any Windows Mobile smartphone (or just about any smartphone for that matter). A 4.3" screen will look HUGE compared to the old 2.8" screens found on most older Windows Mobile smartphones. Even the 3.6" screens found on the new HTC Touch Pro2 and the HTC Touch Diamond2 will look small compared to 4.3 inches.

The HTC HD2 also has the fastest processor of any Windows Mobile smartphone. The Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon mobile processor will blaze, but will it also drain the battery? The HD2 is slim, but maybe the battery is slim and wide. The HD2 is so slim that it lacks a hardware QWERTY keyboard, but who needs buttons when the screen is this big?

This may be the ideal medical smartphone for older healthcare providers who have difficulty reading small text. Will a large screen = larger text size? Let's hope so.

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