Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Samsung Intrepid reminds me of a thin Palm Treo

Is that a BlackBerry? No. It's a Samsung running Windows Mobile.

The Samsung Intrepid on the Sprint network is a Windows Mobile 6.5 powered smartphone that has a touch screen. It may look like a BlackBerry to some, but the hardware QWERTY keyboard combined with a touch screen is a feature that you won't find on any BlackBerry devices right now.

The Intrepid is like a thin version of the Palm Treo. Samsung has a slightly similar phone on the Verizon Wireless network called the Samsung Saga. This world phone never seemed to gain much popularity because of its limited battery life.

So, if you're stuck on the Sprint network, should you go with the Palm Pre (and have limited medical apps due to the fact that there are few medical apps for the new webOS), or the Samsung Intrepid (where you'll have a greater selection of medical software thanks to Windows Mobile)?

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