Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amazing smartphone deals on Verizon Wireless

As Verizon Wireless gets ready to liquidate some old smartphones and promote new smartphones, you can find some pretty amazing deals. For instance, the Samsung Omnia (not the Omnia II but the original Omnia) is selling for $15. The Omnia II is coming very soon. The HTC Touch Diamond is $50. Don't care for Windows Mobile? Then try the HTC Droid Eris for $100 (running Google's Android OS). You can even get the original BlackBerry Storm for $50 since the new BlackBerry Storm 2 is selling for $180.

Remember that Verizon now requires you to subscribe to a data plan if you purchase a smartphone. If you try to drop the data plan, you can expect to pay a hefty premium for your smartphone. Also, they charge extra for tethering, so make sure to ask those questions when you shop at Verizon.

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