Monday, November 30, 2009

Nokia N900 now available (but not suitable medical community)

The Nokia N900 is now available, but I'm not sure that you'll want this device if you're a health care professional. Now, if the N900 ran Android, then I would recommend it. However, since it runs Maemo 5 (Nokia's own Linux-based OS), you'll hardly find any medical apps for it. That can be a huge problem if you're trying to use your smartphone as your peripheral brain. No medical calculators. No medical references. No drug guides. No patient tracking software. No EMR/EHR apps. (well, maybe "no" is a strong word, but you'll hardly find anything medical out there for Maemo).

So, although the N900 looks like an incredible Internet Tablet, I would not recommend this device for anyone who wants to use it as a smartphone/PDA. If you want a gadget purely for web browsing, then the N900 makes a great (but expensive) toy. Maybe we should not call it a toy. It's an MID (mobile internet device). No, it's an Internet Tablet. OK, fine. It's just a big kid's toy.

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