Sunday, November 22, 2009

What would happen if you lost your smartphone?

What would happen if you lost your smartphone? Do you have a backup plan? Would you be totally incapacitated for a few days? Or, would you hardly know that it's gone?

As we become more reliant on our smartphones, some of us are probably realizing that we would be totally lost without our smartphones. We'd have no phone numbers. We would forget everything on our calendar, so we'd end up missing very important appointments.

I use my smartphone daily, but I also try to keep most of my critical information synchronized and backed up in several places. This way, I can check Google Calendar and see my schedule. Or, I can open Outlook and have all my phone numbers. I even keep an old smartphone at home in case I ever need to use it as a backup or spare. This has saved me on several occasions - especially back in the day when I was loading custom ROMs.

While we're on the topic of losing smartphones - remember to always use a strong password so that your information does not get compromised if someone ever steals your device. Information security is so important, especially if you keep any sensitive data on your mobile device.

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