Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 10 Medical and Health Apps on Android

I'm in the Android App store (Market) and I've navigated to the "Health" category. The top apps ranked by popularity as of December 2009 are:
  1. Calorie Counter by FatSecret
  2. Favorite Recipies
  3. CardioTrainer
  4. Skyscape Medical Resources
  5. Lightning Bug
  6. Beauty Tips
  7. Simple Weight Recorder
  8. JogTracker 1.0.3
  9. Easy Weight Loss Tips
  10. OM BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
You'll notice that all these apps are FREE. If you continue to scroll down the list, you'll see other apps like:
  • MealCalc
  • Fitness Tips
  • Diet Tips
  • Best Diet Foods
  • Health Facts
  • CookIt
  • Simple Meals ready in 10 mins
Now, these apps may not be very useful for health care professionals who are looking for medical apps, but this is a start for Android. I'm sure by the early part of 2010, we'll see a much more robust list of professional medical apps that will help physicians and medical students.

A fairly recent medical app that's going to quickly climb the ranks is the QuantiaMD app. You can expect some detailed reviews from me soon.

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