Monday, December 28, 2009

Top free medical apps for Android in 2009

This year, we saw Android emerge as a leading smartphone OS. In 2010, we'll see Android begin to dominate the smartphone marketplace (especially among health care professionals such as physicians, medical students, pharmacists, and nurses).

Let me list some of the top free Android medical apps for 2009 and then list my prediction for 2010. Here's the current list for 2009:
  • Skyscape Reader: includes RxDrugs, Outlines in Clinical Medicine (OCM), and the Archimedes set of medical calculators.
  • QxMD (pregnancy wheel and several different medical calculators)
  • QuantiaMD (medical content, CME, medical challenges, and more)
  • Mobile MerckMedicus (powered by Unbound Medicine)
  • AgileMedCalc (several different medical calculators)
In 2010, you can expect this list to include some additional free resources such as:
  • Epocrates
  • MobilePDR
  • WebMD/Medscape
  • Medical encyclopedias
  • Medical calculators
  • Drug guides
  • and many more!
So, are you excited about Android? I hope to see many electronic health record (EHR) vendors creating mobile apps for Android. The Apple iPhone continues to gain popularity among medical professionals, but Android will be right up there next to the iPhone in 2010 once we see a larger supply of medical apps for Android. As more medical students and physicians create medical apps for Android, we'll see growing excitement about this OS within the medical community.

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