Monday, January 18, 2010

Growing buzz about Windows Mobile 7

OK, I realize that many of you have given up on Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS. Recent excitement seems to surround Google's Android and Apple's iPhone. RIM's BlackBerry is being left behind, and Microsoft's Windows Mobile seems practically dead. Palm's webOS has a small loyal following, but even some of them are defecting to Android.

What's really disappointing is that Windows Mobile 6.5 was a really poor upgrade over Windows Mobile 6.1. As a result, many customers have lost faith in Windows Mobile 7. Will this be another major disappointment? Instead of getting our hopes up, I think that many people are simply abandoning Windows Mobile to use Android.

As the Android OS becomes more popular and ubiquitous in the health care industry, more physicians and other health care professionals will get drawn to Android. What will compel users to choose a Windows Mobile device? Will there be any advantages or benefits for health care professionals?

I haven't had a chance to play around with any beta or leaked versions of Windows Mobile 7 so I really can't write about this OS. However, we seem to be hearing enough rumors that Windows Mobile 7 will get released in 2010, so let's see what Microsoft releases this year.

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