Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Medicare Part D on Epocrates

Here it is from Epocrates:
Since Medicare Part D was launched in 2006, Epocrates has partnered with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide healthcare professionals with FREE mobile and online access to ALL Medicare Part D drug formularies!
Our newly updated 2010 drug list shows a deletion of 9 plans and an addition of 39 new plans.

The Medicare Part D feature makes it easy to check copay tiers, formulary alternatives and generic substitutions, prior authorization criteria, quantity limits, and step-therapy guidelines.

We invite you to save time and increase patient satisfaction in 2010 by accessing the latest Part D formulary information via Epocrates' drug database.
Can you believe that it's already 2010? Medicare Part D launched 4 years ago! Wow, how quickly time flies. I still remember reading all those documents to understand the infamous "Donut Hole."

Click here to learn about the Free Epocrates Medicare Part D Formulary Feature

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