Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Other Verizon users experiencing draining battery on Touch Pro2 upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5

If you search the Verizon Wireless user forums, you'll quickly see that other Verizon customers who upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 are experiencing terrible battery life. I've concluded that it's the Bluetooth that's killing the battery. If you've loaded the Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM upgrade (MR 1 Upgrade on the PCDphones.com website file name: XV6875_MR1_Upgrade.zip)

I've written about my Touch Pro2 ROM upgrade experiences here:

Bluetooth killing my battery life on Touch Pro2 after Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade

Worse battery life after upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5 on Touch Pro2

Flashing the ROM on my HTC Touch Pro2

Windows Mobile 6.5 update now available for HTC Touch Pro2

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