Friday, January 22, 2010

Top keyword: "android vs iPhone "

Recently, the top keyword that has been driving people to this website has been: "android vs. iPhone"

Which is better? Among health care professionals today, the Apple iPhone is much more popular than the Google Android OS. However, I don't think this trend will continue forever. In fact, as more smartphone manufacturers build devices that run Android, we'll see more physicians and medical students using Android devices. Mobile carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and even AT&T will soon offer affordable Android smartphones. So, even though the Google Nexus One (made by HTC) hasn't created the same type of buzz that was generated when Apple released its original iPhone, Google will make its mark in 2010. I'm confident that we will see more Android smartphones in the hands of health care students and professionals this year.

Will Apple release different models of the iPhone that include features like slide-out QWERTY keyboards and different sized screens? Will Apple announce some new iPhones next week?

What types of information are you finding when you type "android vs iPhone" into Google or Yahoo?


  1. The iPhone is a great entertainment device but for real medical use (other than looking up fixed data) it fail short of Android devices. I wrote an article for on this subject.
    FYI, I am not a APPL hater, I'm typing on a Mac now and write software for the iPhone.

    To read more:

    Jeff Brandt

  2. I think this blog is too pro-android and very anti-iphone. Sure the trend of iPhone will not go on forever, but just look at the medical section in the app store: it has much more medical apps than you'll find for android or windows mobile or blackberry combined!
    Just recognize that iPhone is the best medical smartphone out there, and will be for more 5 years or so...

  3. About multitasking: it will be a reality in the new iPhone OS release, maybe next january 27th.
    Physical keyboard? What's best for cleaning with alcohol for hygiene? keys or a flat screen? I think probably a flat screen, but who am i?
    And besides, don't you worry about the privacy policy of google? They can read your email in gmail as they like, imagine what can they do with your patients info...