Thursday, January 21, 2010

When will we see more medical apps for Android?

Android smartphones have gained tremendous traction, but the development of medical apps for Android continues at a slow pace. When will we see more professional medical apps for Android?

Right now, QuantiaMD is on the top of my list for professional medical apps for the Android OS. QuantiaMD also has an iPhone app. If you're a medical student or resident, you may feel intimated by the need to enter an National Provider Identifier (NPI). You can still use the app if you don't enter an NPI, but to access all the benefits associated with using QuantiaMD, you'll need to enter your NPI.

I'm still waiting for Epocrates to release their app for the Android OS. They're planning on releasing something in the early part of 2010, so let's see what they have coming.

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  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Hey - how about Skyscape? I see it is available. I use them on the iPhone, but was looking for switching to droid on verizon. it seems that all the resources are alsp available on Android.