Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Windows Marketplace for Mobile needs some help

One of the new features found in Windows Mobile 6.5 is called "Windows Marketplace for Mobile." This is the Microsoft version of the App Store found on the Apple iPhone. It's designed to make it easier for consumers to find and install apps. Compared to the traditional way of installing apps via ActiveSync, this is a considerable improvement. However, there's room for Microsoft to take things to the next level when they release Windows Mobile 7.

Installing apps on Windows Mobile can be quite cumbersome. It's not nearly as easy or simple as installing apps on the iPhone or on Android. Uninstalling apps is another complex story. If you're used to the concept of installing and uninstalling applications on your Windows PC, then you may be more comfortable with the entire process.

So, are there any good apps on Windows Marketplace for Mobile? Not right now. If you click on "Categories," there are very few relevant categories for health care professionals. There's no "Medical" or even "Health" category. Under "Reference," we only have 28 apps. If you perform a search for Skyscape or Epocrates, you won't find anything. I hope that Microsoft will invest some significant resources to improve Marketplace. Otherwise, it will become the laughingstock of the year.

Right now, some of the "most popular" apps are:
  • Mobile Manager for Netflix
  • Associated Press Mobile
  • MySpace for Windows Mobile
  • Bing
  • Skyfire Mobile Browser
  • Facebook for Windows Mobile

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