Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Engadget offers an editorial about Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series. Does it roll off your tongue? I'm still having difficulty saying it. It's not nearly as simple as "Android" or "iPhone." Notice that it's no longer Windows Mobile. Does this mean that we won't see standalone PDAs like the HP iPaqs running Windows Mobile 7? Or, will there be some version of Windows Phone 7 Series that's not for a phone? Maybe it will be the non-phone version of Windows Phone 7 Series. Will we see Professional and Basic editions? Smartphone editions? Why call it a Series? Why not just Windows Phone 7? Why not Windows Mobile 7? I suppose Microsoft has its reasons.

Will Windows Phone 7 Series reignite the Microsoft flame in the mobile space?  Is it really crazy enough to work? Why would it attract existing Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry users? I could see why loyal Microsoft fans would upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.5.3 to Windows Phone 7 Series, but who else will choose this OS over the others?  What types of medical apps will we see for Windows Phone 7 Series?

Engadget has a very interesting little editorial on Windows Phone 7 Series. Opinions are all over the place, so you may feel like a ping pong ball. You can read the entire Engadget editorial here.

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