Friday, February 19, 2010

Growing need for rugged smartphones in the health care industry

Many of us who use smartphones have probably dropped our device. Have you ever experienced a cracked screen? How about a dead device? A brick? Whether you use a case or a screen protector, your smartphone can suffer tremendous damage if it gets dropped. Even if your device has Corning Gorilla Glass, the "insides" could still get damaged.

When will we see more rugged smartphones being used in the health care industry?  Maybe it will be the day when Apple releases a rugged version of its iPhone. I believe there's a true need for health care professionals and students to switch to rugged devices because you can't afford to lose access to your critical data that's stored on a smartphone. For many of us, the smartphone is our peripheral brain. Life without a smartphone could mean utter chaos.

I'm sure we'll see more rugged smartphones designed specifically for the health care sector. Maybe they will have some of the features commonly found on Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCAs) and include a radio frequency identification (RFID) scanner along with a bar-code scanner.

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