Monday, February 08, 2010

Most popular apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft recently added a feature called the "Marketplace." It's really an app store on Windows Mobile and it's made it much easier to install apps, but it's still very rudimentary and you won't find many apps on the current Marketplace (also called Marketplace for Windows Mobile).

The #1 app right now is the Mobile Manager for Netflix. I'm surprised that Bing is #5. Social media apps like Facebook is ranked #8, and MySpace is #4.

You can also try Office Mobile 2010 beta for free.

Frankly, I'm still quite disappointed that they don't have a "Medical" or "Health" category in the Marketplace. There are many great medical apps for Windows Mobile, but you have to go out and hunt for them. If you're a medical professional and a brand new Windows Phone user, you could get disappointed very quickly. I'm hoping that Microsoft will make some significant improvements before they release Windows Mobile 7, but I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I plan to migrate over to Android by the time I need to replace my current smartphone.

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