Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series is a brand new OS

Microsoft has built a brand new operating system (OS) with Windows Phone 7 Series.  When Palm switched from the original Palm OS to webOS on the Palm Pre, it completely rebuilt its operating system and created something new. Microsoft is doing the same thing by building an entirely brand new OS with Windows Phone 7 Series. As I suspected, this new OS will remind you of the Zune HD. You can expect large icons, finger-friendly touch, capacitive touch screens on new smartphones, and much more. I'm actually starting to get excited here! I've been a loyal Windows Phone user for many years and I thought that I was definitely going to switch to Android when it comes time to replace my smartphone. Now, I'm not so sure... Let's see how Windows Phone 7 Series compares with all the other operating systems out there and let's also see how quickly medical apps get developed for this new OS.

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