Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 BlackBerry Apps for Medical Professionals

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No matter how popular the iPhone may be, there are some people who just cannot live without their BlackBerries. It was a pioneer in pushing email to your phone back in the days when most people did not even own a computer, and it’s one device that even most technophobes are comfortable with. The Blackberry does not seek to compete with the other smartphones around; it takes pride in knowing it was one of the first on the scene, and that its loyal supporters will never switch to the competition. So it’s only fitting that developers come up with apps for the Blackberry; there may not be as many as the number of apps written for the iPhone, but there are enough for serious professionals. So if you’re a doctor or work in any part of the medical field and own a Blackberry, let me tell you about five apps you may want to consider. We all know about the big players like Epocrates, Skyscape, PEPID, Lexi-Comp, and others.

Here are 5 additional medical apps that you'll find on the BlackBerry App World:
ECG Guide: Whether you’re a cardiologist or not, this is one application that will come in handy when you have to interpret ECG charts. This app includes more than a hundred ECG examples and also helps you improve your reading and analysis skills with a quiz. Best of all, it costs less than $10.
GI Calc: This free app helps doctors manage patients with gastrointestinal problems and liver disease. It helps you calculate risks and determine the need for intervention based on standard scoring and classification methods.
ICD9 Coder: This app costs under $10 and comes in handy for primary care providers who need to look up ICD9 codes that they use often. It is a simplified collection of ICD9 codes from the American Academy of Family Physicians’ list. The list replaces ICD9 descriptors with problem-oriented descriptors of conditions that are relevant to family practice.
Cardio Calc: Another app that’s for the entire medical community rather than for just cardiologists. The Cardio Calculator not only helps determine cardiovascular risk and guide lipid treatment, but also provides information and utility value for medical practitioners in other fields of medicine like hematology, gastroenterology, nephrology and obstetrics. This app is free of cost.
Davis’s Drug Guide Mobile and Web: A great app for under $50 which you can use to access the complete version of Davis’s drug guide from the web. It’s updated regularly and you can find the information you need thanks to a powerful inbuilt search engine. The guide includes generic and trade names for various drugs, therapeutic classes, and even natural and herbal products.
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