Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iPhone game development - the future of mobile gaming

Here are some snippets from a recent CNET article about the Apple iPhone and the gaming industry:
  • The Game Developers Conference has traditionally held a summit for mobile devices.
  • This year, there is a separate summit called "iPhone Games" and there are 16 panels for this summit.
  • Developers say designing for the iPhone is (relatively) easy compared to other platforms.
  • The iPhone is now recognized as a leading platform that's independent from the mobile market.
You've probably played around with some type of game on your iPhone or iPod touch. I admit that I've used my iPod touch to distract my kids during long car rides.  The gaming industry has even infiltrated health care and we've seen organizations use gaming techniques for educational purposes.

Given that smartphones are being used by such a wide demographic audience, it's no surprise that the gaming market is thriving in the iPhone space.

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