Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile phone options in Australia

When's the last time you were visiting Australia? A new mobile phone site has just launched in Australia, allowing users to compare more than 1,000 different handsets and plans. The site,, compares the best live deals on Australian mobile handsets, phone plans, prepaid and cap-plan options. So, if you're looking for a comparison website, you may want to take a look. I always use comparison sites and I also rely on customer reviews to guide my purchasing decisions. The other night, I purchased an iPod accessory that had received stronger reviews compared to a similar accessory.

My Australian colleagues tell me that the Australian mobile industry can be quite overwhelming. Just like many other places in the world, Australians have to choose among a wide range of plans and handsets. Which phone is best? What does say? How do you compare the networks in your country against those in different countries? In Europe, we see GSM providers that carry devices that you'll never find in North America. What about in Australia?  We know they have Vodafone, Dodo, 3Mobile, and JUST Mobile. You won't find Verizon or Sprint.

Will you find the Apple iPhone or any HTC Android smartphones? Will you also get the same type of BlackBerry devices that you'll find anywhere else? also features a large library of articles exploring new phone technology, emerging features, and things to look out for before signing long-term phone contracts. People are always looking for the best deals and the latest handset features.

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