Friday, April 09, 2010

Discussing smartphones with MD/MBA students

I'm in Boston this weekend covering the MD/MBA meeting (click here for meeting highlights from the Association of MD/MBA Programs 8th Annual Conference). Sure enough, my discussions with medical students start with us talking about non-clinical career opportunities, but then the discussion evolves into smartphones and health IT. They're asking me about the iPhone and about the Android OS. Tonight, I had a chance to tell one medical student that you can now use Epocrates on Android (still in beta, but it works!).

Today's medical students have so much power in their hands because of modern smartphone technology. Whether you're in an MD program or a joint (dual degree) MD/MBA program, the smartphone is a necessity these days. Medical students recognize the need to find information at the point-of-care and also to stay connected wirelessly (is that even a word?).

If you're interested in the  Association of MD/MBA Programs 8th Annual Conference, make sure to follow highlights from the meeting at

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  1. Washington Post has nice article on medicine and technology, especially in terms of the new iPad.