Monday, April 26, 2010

Medical students discussing smartphones

On the Student Doctor Network, tech-loving medical students are busy discussing smartphones trends in the Technology/PDA forum. Some of the hot topics include:
  • Pics of new iPhone 4th Gen  (yes, even busy medical students are keeping up with the latest rumors!)
  • iPhone Medical Apps
  • DROID vs. iPhone
  • Ads on the iPhone
  • iPad
  • Medical apps for Android
Medical students are using smartphones for so many things these days. If you're on call, perhaps you're watching TV on your smartphone. Maybe you're texting someone during rounds but you're pretending to research a medical condition. How often do you get pimped by residents and attendings who want you to quickly look something up on your smartphone?

Given how quickly smartphone trends are changing, I'm sure that medical students are being challenged to keep up with the latest and greatest smartphones that are coming out these days. New apps and devices are being released all the time. However, if you're someone who likes to stay current on this type of technology, then maybe you'll impress your senior resident or attending with your smartphone knowledge. They'll be calling you the "smartphone expert." That would look nice on your recommendation letter, wouldn't it?

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