Monday, April 05, 2010

Smartphone trends among Sermo physicians

Sermo is an online physician community. About a year ago, someone conducted a poll of Sermo physicians and asked, "Do you use PDA/Smartphone technology?"

Interested in the breakdown of responses? It wasn't a huge study sample, but here's what we saw in the early part of 2009:
  • I don't use a smartphone/PDA  31%
  • PalmOS (Treo, Centro, etc) 23%
  • iPhone (3G, etc) 21%
  • Windows Mobile (Dell Axim, HTC Touch, Tilt, etc)  13%
  • Blackberry (Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl, etc)  10%
  • Google Android (G1, etc)  3%
  • Symbian (Nokia, etc)  0%
This posting closed on February 7, 2009. I wonder how the responses would vary if we repeated a similar Sermo poll this year. I'm sure we'd see fewer people saying that they don't use a smartphone/PDA and we'd see more users with Android and even some with webOS. I doubt that Symbian will ever gain traction here in the United States among medical professionals.

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