Monday, April 19, 2010

A sneak peak at the iPhone 4G

Leaked photos of the Apple iPhone 4G are circulating on the Internet. These photos are from Gizmodo and you can view the entire article here.

Do we really believe that these leaked photos accurately represent the iPhone 4G? Engadget seems to think so. What about you? I think there's enough evidence to suggest that this is an iPhone 4G prototype, but what's to say that this will be the final product?

Here's what's new:
• Front-facing video chat camera
• Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
• Camera flash
• Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
• Improved display. It's unclear if it's the 960x460 display thrown around before—it certainly looks like it, with the "Connect to iTunes" screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.
• What looks to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation, at the top, next to the headphone jack
• Split buttons for volume
• Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic

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