Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smartphone App Offers Comprehensive Timesheet Tracking

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Medical professionals on the go know exactly how annoying it is to fill out all of their timesheet information—whether they be the responsible few who diligently record their activity as they go, or they’re the majority who scribble it all down quickly at the end of the day. In perhaps an offer of help to employees as much as employers, Econz has developed Timecard, a smartphone app that lets mobile professionals clock in, clock out—and more—on the go.

The app certainly packs a variety of features for the employee. Workers can make all of the usual notes on the timesheet: lunch breaks, travel time, early clock out, etc. They can also message other workers from within the program’s interface, as well keep track of ongoing jobs sent to them by their supervisor. Team leaders on the field can also clock entire teams in and out simultaneously.

For employers, Timecard offers a hefty set of tracking functionality built into a web-based interface. The home office can view workers’ current and past work or break statuses, as well as their location, thanks to the built-in GPS tracking technology of most smartphones. Supervisors can send messages and edit job lists all from an office PC.

And to help out all the HR people out there, Timecard features a robust recording and exporting system. The program integrates with all the biggest employee management software, and exports data to common office programs like Excel and QuickBooks. The goal is reduce the hassle and errors that result from recording the information by hand.

Many employers have already moved their timesheet tracking system online, allowing workers to log in and out from their computer. But will mobile professionals prefer instead to just use their smartphone? It remains to be seen whether Timesheet and similar programs can simply and effectively take advantage of current generation smartphones’ messaging, GPS tracking, and data processing capabilities.

Econz’s Timesheet app is just the latest in a long string of medical-related innovations in technology. The company began in 1971, developing instrument interface devices and ambulance dispatch systems through the eighties and an extensive amount of software in the nineties and beyond. Today the company designs and codes an impressive array of human resource management systems that function on a variety of devices. Econz services construction, healthcare, distribution, and government clients of all types.

This  guest post is written by Greg Bartlett who runs He specializes in writing about health and technology, including GPS and insurance, and has earned two master’s degrees.

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